How to Choose The Ideal WordPress Theme for Your Ecommerce Store: 6 Things to Consider When Looking Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

There are so many ecommerce themes for WordPress out there! Read this article and discover how to choose the ideal theme for your new ecommerce store!

Choosing a theme for your WordPress website is not easy! There are a lot of options, free and premium and that makes it really hard to pick the right one for your new online store. When start going through the themes available you will notice that each theme looks better than the previous one. So, how to pick the best theme for your WordPress site?

In this article, we are going to help you choose the ideal theme for your new ecommerce store! Here are 6 things you need to keep in mind when looking ecommerce themes for WordPress:

  1. Strive for simplicity - A lot of WordPress themes come with complex layouts, colors, flashy animations, and etc. In some cases, you may need these things, but usually, you don’t really need all that. When choosing a WordPress theme for your eshop, you need to strive for simplicity. You need a theme that has a perfect design layout that will help you achieve your goals. The theme should look modern without compromising on simplicity or usability. Remember, it is not a good theme is the visitors can’t find their way around your site.
  2. The importance of responsiveness - In today’s world, Responsive is not optional anymore. Today, a lot of potential online shoppers use their smartphones or tablets to buy online, which is why, it is really important the theme to be responsive and mobile friendly. Most WordPress themes are responsive by default, however, before deciding to use a specific theme, make sure it is mobile friendly as well.
  3. Supported Plugins - The real power of WordPress comes with its plugins. The plugins allow you to do anything you want with your WordPress website. While there are hundreds of WordPress plugins, there are some really important must-have plugins for every type of website. Some of these plugins are Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms, W3 Total Cache, and much more. When choosing an ecommerce theme for your WordPress site, make sure it supports all popular plugins and tools!
  4. Browser Compatibility - You need to keep in mind that your visitors will be using different browsers. Even though the theme you’ve chosen may look great on the browser you currently use, there might be something wrong in other browsers. This is the point where browser compatibility comes in. When choosing a theme, make sure to check it on various browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and etc.
  5. Support Options for When You Need Help - There are a lot of WordPress ecommerce themes that come without support, so when selecting a theme for your website, make sure the theme has a support option, as well as, good documentation.
  6. Ratings and Reviews - Another great indicator you should keep in mind when choosing a theme is reviews and ratings provided by their users. Check out the comments and the reviews left from their previous users and see whether or not they are satisfied with the theme.


WordPress is used to build and design all kinds of websites. Your WordPress ecommerce theme should complement your type of business and the content of your site. The theme is the face of your website and plays a crucial role in how users perceive it.

Some of the best shop themes you can check are Elegant Themes, iThemes, StudioPress, Themify, Array Themes, and etc.

Pick your favorite theme and build your e-shop today!

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