Themes for E-commerce Website: The Most Important Features to Have


You have come up with an idea to start selling online. You already know what you will be selling, but you lack ideas on the themes to use for the store.

This can be a tough stage. Selecting the right theme, or finding a designer who knows and understands your goals can be tedious, and time-consuming.

If it is the first time you are selling online, you may want to settle on something that appears and feels nice. You need to understand factors that are crucial when it comes to the design of your store, or else you will end up failing miserably.

The Themes for E-commerce Website Should Have an Easy to Understand Navigation

Navigation is an essential component of your site’s design. Good and accurate navigation enables your shoppers to easily find what they are looking for, without too much hassle.

Poor navigation, on the other hand, has been known to be frustrating and can force a shopper to leave your store.

But the question becomes, what is good website navigation?

The theme should have a clear navigation path leading from your landing page all the way to the checkout page. Regardless of where a customer first landed, they should be able to find their way to your store easily

It Should Be Compatible with All Screen Sizes and Devices

You need to be conscious of the different types of devices and screens that are being used by your customers.

Responsive design is a web design method, which automatically scales the appearance of your site to match that of the screen size where a page is being viewed. It is something that has recently become a web design standard over the last few years.

Google considers the mobile-friendliness of a site when it is ranking the search results. You must, therefore, ensure that your website is compatible, or else clients will have a hard time finding it in the search results.

Quick Load Time for Each Web page

Studies have shown that about forty percent of online shoppers will abandon any site that takes more than three seconds to load a webpage.

If your load times are slow, it does not matter how beautiful the web pages are; customers will move on to the next site. This will mean lower conversion rates for you, which ultimately translates to reduced sales, and reduced profits for the business.


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